Finding Solutions



Support Police & Fire First Responders

Public safety is a city’s first responsibility to citizens. A lack of competitive pay and benefits has decreased morale, retention, and response times. Although the Council recently increased pay, an important step, it has not matched neighboring cities or set aside enough funds to provide that level of pay for the 600-officer deficit. I will work to:

  • Increase pay and pay raises to match area average

  • Fund additional facilities and facility security improvements

  • Support affordable housing for first responders

  • Provide the resources needed to fight specific crime issues we face in our District


Control Property Taxes

Property valuations, and the resulting taxes, are increasing drastically in Dallas.The 30-year average property tax base growth has been 2.85%, while the most recent years have averaged around 10% growth. This growth puts a strain on residents’ monthly budgets due to unforeseen housing costs. I will work to:

  • Ensure no property tax rate increases

  • Increase 65+ years old and disabled tax exemptions

Financial Management

Balance the Budget

Dallas has the money to finance our needs without a tax increase if we have the political courage to shift money away from special interests, wasteful spending, and excessive debt. I will work to:

  • Terminate funding set asides that divert money from the General Fund to special interests

  • Eliminate budget items that waste taxpayer dollars

  • Avoid using our maximum capacity of debt to decrease interest expenses

  • Reallocate the savings to other budget priorities and a potential tax surplus rebate

Attract Small Businesses and Restaurant / Retail Amenities

Restaurants, retailers, and small businesses add to the economic vibrancy and quality of life in our District. Our part of the city includes many vacancies in low-quality strip centers, despite being in ideal real estate markets. I will work to:

  • Proactively seek citizen input on desired amenities and neighborhood protections

  • Enhance existing retail areas with public features and more walkable environments

  • Promote redevelopment of aging, low-quality apartments with mixed-use properties


Prevent Infrastructure Decay

Dallas invests so much into building new infrastructure, only to reduce its long-term viability by not allocating sufficient annual maintenance funds. Delayed maintenance leads to a higher total cost of ownership and the need for massive bond programs for infrastructure, such as the $500M+ in bond money that was assigned to streets in 2017. I will work to:

  • Oversee implementation of bonds to repair streets and police, fire, library, recreation center, arts, and cultural facilities

  • Provide enough annual maintenance funding to prevent recurring disrepair


Improve Public Transportation Efficiency

The North Texas region will be home to more than 10.7 million people by 2040. We need to develop multi-modal transportation, utilizing more than just cars alone to satisfy our demands. I will work to:

  • If approved by DART, ensure implementation of Cotton Belt Rail improvements

  • Support Downtown D2 Subway to relieve DART system congestion

  • Support High-Speed Rail project

  • Increase bus service

  • Implement the Dallas Bike Plan

  • Protect Trinity River and wetlands from highway development

Transparency / Campaign Finance Reform

Reform Campaign Finance and Transparency

Campaign finance reforms are vital to preventing corruption from affecting the decision-making of our elected leaders in Dallas. This will preserve the image of our city and the interests of the people. I will work to:

  • Implement campaign contributions reform to bring better reporting, timing restrictions, and more transparency to donations

  • Eliminate unlimited donations to incumbent officeholders

  • Retain campaign contribution report records for longer durations

  • Reform open records request processes and require use of city e-mail addresses


Reduce Homelessness

From tent cities to street corners, homelessness is a pervasive problem in Dallas. Our limited shelters are full and at least 1,100 people are unsheltered nightly. We also face safety concerns regarding panhandling. These issues affect the quality of life concerns for everyone in the city, both the sheltered and unsheltered alike. I will work to:

  • Provide immediate shelter for the homeless:

    • Increase bed capacity at existing shelters

    • Provide emergency shelter during periods of extreme weather

  • Offer support services and opportunities to the homeless:

    • Case manager screenings to connect people with support services

    • Start a jobs program to provide day labor opportunities


Decrease Expenses through Sustainability

Sustainability provides more than just environmental protection – it also enables the city to conserve water and energy resources, leading to significant cost savings. I will work to:

  • Increase public outreach and education on energy savings opportunities

  • Implement green infrastructure design standards to reduce costs

  • Ensure environmental protection in the Trinity River and wetlands